Our company work in the processing of plastic materials for more than 40 years, both in Italy and abroad.

We started our business in the ’70s as Geoplast, but we caught up and changed the name in Gplast!

GPLAST SRL – Our company is small and it is composed by 9 employees, we work in the plastic materials industry since 1980 as Geoplast by Asnicar Eda & C. Sas, but in the 2009 we changed our name in GEOPLAST SRL.

We specialize in the regeneration of plastic materials, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) both at national and international level.

We produce PVC granules (polyvinyl chloride) in various colors, with different types of filtering and they can be used in different employments.

We transform recycled plastic in PVC granules therefore we protect the environment from plastic’s pollution. We offer a product of great trustworthiness, that can be employed in the production of pipes in the cable ducts and in various plastic profiles used in the construction industry and other industrial sectors.

We are a company always willing to improve its products with a constant collaboration and communication between the offices and the production sector.

We hope in a future where PVC granules from recycled plastic will be always more employed in order to save the world from the pollution.

We also work on behalf of third parties.


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